Wednesday, June 27, 2007

horny monkey

This should be in pornotube or something!

Anyway, i'm just popping by to say hi, been terribly busy with work and tuitions.

And i'm kinda preoccupied during my free time too.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

calling all Toyota drivers

I'm situated at 600 Sin Ming Ave, at the Toyota Service Centre, selling the extended warranty package for Toyota cars, Toyota Shield.

To qualify for this scheme, your car must be less than 33 months old (case by case basis, but usually not applicable after the original 3 years warranty is over) or have a mileage of less than 60,000km.

So far, sales has been ok, but it could be better obviously.

Anyone driving a Toyota, or know people who drives a Toyota, and is interested to know more about this extended warranty can drop me a tag on the tagboard, or leave a comment or something.

Spread the word around ok?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i wan me some xtina!

I got this email one day and i've decided to enter it.

I've already typed some lameass thing out and sent it over already. Don't really expect to win anything, but no harm just entering for fun! If anyone enters it and win, pick me to be your date hor!

I shall put up what i sent in after tomorrow, when the competition closes. I don't want anyone ripping off my idea man!

Haha! I love joining such random competitions!


"This platinum blonde bombshell needs no Intro. Christina Makes Me Wanna Pray for mercy when she sings. Back In The Day of old school power singers, there Ain’t No Other Man, or woman, that can belt out a song like she can.

I don't Understand how anyone would want her to Slow Down Baby because she's such a beautiful bright spark. Oh Mother must be making a big F.U.S.S. because she must be thinking that they're "On Our Way to a better life and it wouldn’t have been possible Without You."

She's Still Dirrty, but she's Here To Stay. She's so sweet to say "Thank You" to her fans for standing by her during her tough times. Enter The Circus, Welcome the paparazzi, we're not afraid!

I'm so glad that she found her Candyman in Jordan Bratman and I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a Nasty Naughty Boy and make her think, "I Got Trouble!" She deserves to be loved and not Hurt.

Lord have Mercy On Me for I'll do anything to be able to catch her in concert live! Save Me From Myself for I am The Right Man to win her concert tickets!"

And that's what i sent in! It's all the song titles of her newest album, strung into a commentary.

Stop laughing ok! I know it's lame, but it's kinda sweet don't cha think?

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

it's so ironic

I just had an argument with my dad. Today of all days.

Apparently, he found my keys still plugged in the keyhole outside the door, and he confronted me with it.

Obviously it was my carelessness, but then again, there was something else that distracted me from removing the key.

For the past 3 days, my dad's been latching the door before i came home. Apparently it was to find out what time i came home, and also to force me to come back earlier.

The first night i called my mum but she didn't come to unlatch the door for me. I ended up knocking till my maid woke up to open for me. So the next 2 days i didn't bother to call my mum, i just called till my maid woke up.

So obviously, last night when i came back at 1 plus, i found the door latched YET AGAIN. This time i was really pissed off. So pissed off that i forgot about the key.

And i told my dad exactly that! That it's partially my fault but it's also because HE latched the door, thus making me do additional stuff just to enter the house.

It just makes me feel like they don't want me to come home. They're forcing me to stay outside till morning then come home when they leave for work.

Ok i admit that ever since i stopped working i've been clubbing and going out in the nights constantly. Like everynight. And it's been going on for 2 weeks. So it's partially my bad.

But my dad said something that struck me. He said, "why can't you be like normal people and come home at 11pm?"

That really made me realise how sheltered they have kept me. Which is not a very good thing because then i wouldn't know much of what's going on around me and the lives of other people if i were to really listen to my parents.

There's so much shit going on in other people's lives and if i were to continue living in this bubble of security, i wouldn't be growing as a person. I'm 21! Let me live!

What's more, i can't possibly keep up this lifestyle because i'll be working next week onwards again.

Am i wrong to want to enjoy myself before i tie myself to the books?!?!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

errands day

Are you sick of seeing the same entry everytime you come here?

Me too.

But i've not have time to do any photo editing so this entry's just gonna be text text and more text.

I had a job interview at Borneo Motors all the way at Redhill today at 9.40am. I was applying for the position of Customer Service Assistant, selling their extended warranty package.

It was crazy cos i had to wake up at 7am and that's the earliest i've woken up for the past 2 weeks. What's even more crazy was that i actually slept at 4.30am!

What's wrong with me!

Part of the reason why i slept so late was that i caught a movie at GV Grand yesterday.

It wasn't that fantastic seriously. Between the fake hair on Sue (Jessica Alba - who's damn hot) and the CGI-ness of the Silver Surfer, the show kinda tanked for me. There wasn't even a spectacular show of powers, just some lameass combine power shizz. I don't wanna reveal too much here, but seriously, they think Captain Planet ar?

Apparently there's someone acting as the Silver Surfer. It's not purely CGI. I can't say the same for Olinda thou.

Ok, that was a super HUGE digression. Back to the interview.

While i was on the train towards Redhill, it started pouring donkeys and ogres! I had no choice but to cab down to the location, even thou it was seriously walking distance from the station.

Apparently there's a $2 surcharge from 7 - 9.30am and it was only 9.15am then. But the thing was, the driver waived it off! He charged me only $2.60. Don't ask me why, cos i saw the meter displaying $4.50.

So, i went up to the interview place and lo and behold, i saw 2 other temp-looking guys filling in forms. And they were all decked out in office wear - leather shoes, pants and long sleeved shirts! It was a good thing i decided to go in pants and long sleeves too, although i was wearing my Converse sneakers.

I actually thought i would be the only one being interviewed!

Silly me.

I peeked at the list and there were close to 10 names on it! Stressed!

Anyway, the interview went smoothly, with some minor bumps when i told him i actually knew nothing about cars. But i more than made up for it in the little test that the interviewer threw at me.

I became suspicious of his intentions when he motioned me to read the brochure on the product, so i read it extra carefully. When i looked up from it, he smiled at me and threw me the big one.

He told me to pretend that he's the customer and try to sell him the product.

I was abit stunned at first, but i regained my posture, put on my best telemarketer voice and pili pala bing bong biang-ed in my powerpacked English.

He even tested me with the kaobei customer persona by saying, "Oh, i tot your cars are very durable one, why do i even need to purchase this extended warranty? Isn't it like throwing money into the drain?"

I was like thinking, "is that the best you can muster?"

I immediately shot back a rhetorical question.

"You also don't want anything to happen to you, but why do you buy insurance? It's the same principle, it's just to safeguard. I'm not saying that our cars are not durable, it's just a security net for you because you never know with so many electronic parts in the car, if something might happen right?"


I totally rocked the interview la!

After the interview, i started on my tour of Singapore.

First i cabbed down to ICA Building at Lavender to replace my lost IC (fucking $100 T.T), then i went to the Oakley Service Center at Tanjong Pagar to change my earpads (FOC), after which i went all the way back to Yishun to replace my SAFRA card (FOC with police report).

I literally huan2 dao3 jui1 jui1 jui1-ed.

So boys and girls, losing your wallet with all your documentations inside is a mightily troublesome thing to do. So remember to always check if your wallet is still on you. If possible, refrain from bringing out unnecessary cards and such if you plan to get DRUNK!

I realised my entry's very longwinded and wordy. Sorry for that!

EDIT: I got the job! =)))

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Monday, June 11, 2007

ah ah ah~ ah!

This is my favourite part of the movie! The Snow White fighting scene!

I super love this character, so bitchy and pissed off! And she's voiced by the inimitable Amy Poehler!

She's one of the funniest hosts of Saturday Night Live (some American variety prog tt does spoofs and parodies on current issues) and she appeared in the movie "Blades of Glory" as the evil incestous sister!

Ok i know i know i have been neglecting my blogging duties yet again, but don't blame me cos i haven received all the photos!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

tomorrowed yesterday

My baby ghost entry was submitted to by Alvin and it got published!

I was quite shocked when one day my counter had 300 plus hits and the next it was 600 plus. Now it's close to 1k!

Quite shiok la... I should write more of such inane stuff so that it can get posted up!


I've added a new banner to my sidebar! It's the one below the banner. It's the advertisement for Victoria Chorale's concert on 26th August!

We're celebrating our 20 year anniversary and we're singing songs in many languages and from many cultures! It'll be quite good, so come!

Click on the banner and it brings you to the Sistic website, where you can book your tickets!

Coincidentally, i'm gonna be performing as well, so if you don't wanna come to hear good choral music, come just to see me also can!


A good friend bought the Shrek ears from Mac for me after hearing me go on and on about wanting to get it for charity and all.

Yes, you should come to the concert just to see me!

Such a hansem ogre.


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Sunday, June 03, 2007

i am swearing off alcohol

At least for one week.

No clubbing for now.


I lost my bloody wallet because i was too fucking wasted.

Went clubbing again last night and guess what, i got even more drunk then i ever did before.

You can only see 3 jugs in that picture but there were like 6! 2 cranberry vodka, 2 orange vodka and 2 burbon cokes.

I think i must have drank like 2 jugs by myself cos i felt totally sober and i hate that when i'm in a club. It's like i can't get inhibited enough to really dance. So i just kept fucking drinking.

And drinking.

And sure enough, i got pissed off. As in drunk.

Around 2am my friend dragged me out of the club cos i felt like vomitting and i just laid down on the sidewalk. What a sight it must have been.

Then we got into a cab and i totally crashed out inside. The last thing i heard was the taxi driver asking my friend if i was alright and that there was plastic bag behind his seat if i wanted to puke.

Next thing i knew, i was being pulled out of the cab. I saw a bed, collapsed, and just concussed without even removing my contacts.

It was only in the morning when i woke up with a fucked up hangover that i realised i was still in my jeans and shirt from last night. All the fucked up cigarette smoke smell was lingering all over me.

And of cos i realised shortly after that my wallet was gone too.


We ransacked the entire room but no wallet!

Everything is inside my wallet!

My IC, 11B, POSB ATM Card, EZ Link (the ns one), house keys, Condo access pass and facilities card, driving schedule card, neoprints, receipts, namecards, $50 Topman gift card, etc etc ETC!


The worst thing is, i fucking LOVE my wallet!

Yea, it's no LV or GUCCI but i bought it myself and it's so me that i love it and now it's gone and i can't buy it again because there's no stock!

Basically, i'm super sad now not over the documents, which are replaceable anyway, but because i lost the wallet ITSELF!

How screwed up is that?!?!

Oh my parents nagged as usual, but not too much. They were very concerned about the fact that someone could just pick up my wallet, see my address on my IC and waltz in with the access pass and keys.

That's super fucked up!

I've made a police report, called both Citicab and Comfort (you see how gone i was that i dun even know? my friend also abit seh so he didn't notice either!) so now i can just wait and hope for the best.

Just return me the wallet la!

Please keep me in your prayers for the next couple of nights! =(

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

ok already!

I know you guys are super sick of seeing the weird looking woman everytime you come to this site, but i've really been not at home much the past few days!

Apparently, even thou i'm not working anymore, i've more on my plate than ever before! I went clubbing twice in 5 days la! Can you imagine from zero times in the past half a year? I nearly died of alcohol poisoning!

Just got aquainted with a bunch of really crazycoolfun people last Saturday and it's all thanks to TYLER for intro-ing them to me! Come to think of it, i've been getting to know new people every other day for the past 7 days! Supercool!

Anyway, it's late and i dun wanna keep rambling so i shall just start!

Went to the blogger's gathering on 28/05/07.

I decided to go because i wanted to see the real people behind the blogs that made it for the various rounds of the competition. I wanted to see if they were any different in person than in pictures, htmls and text.

Ok i'm just kidding. I was there just for the free food.

And of cos, to collect my DS Lite, for being the top judges' choice!

Haha! Which one's the truth, you decide!

Anyway, everyone there seemed quite juvenile, but maybe that's because they were all so animated and talkative, and i was waaaaay over on the last table with the people. Got to talk with Ben, Joyce, her twin, Thegreatsze, the people like Rachel and Cassandra, and the ex person, Alvin.

Although i din win the Macbook, i'm really greatful for all the support i've gotten from all my friends, and strangers who actually bothered to vote! Thanks for at least making me 2nd place!

I superduper love the DS Lite anyway!

I went down to Sim Lim and Funan the next day with Daren, the tech-diva, to get the necessary accessories for it!

I spent like slightly over $100, you do the math.

Oh oh i really really really love the pouch that i got! It was such an unexpected and yet perfect fit! I got it at this lifestyle shop at the basement of Raffle's City at a discount! I totally didn't expect the DS to be able to fit in there so beautifully, but it did! And it was totally what i was looking for, something unconventional and aesthetically pleasing!

Oh dear ok that last paragraph made me sound like a bimbotic auntie.

Anyway, the DS came with an original game.

Which i'm trying to sell away, but no one seems interested in! Anyone wants?

Other stuff i've done over the week was to attend the TPJChoir (as written in the programme) concert on 30/05/07.

Sorry for the bad quality, but if you look closely, it's the combined choir from TPJC and AJC. It's not zebra crossing hor, even thou the TPJC guys in black were flanked by the white AJC guys.

Ya, abit weird also dunno why AJC was guest choir.

After the concert i went down to Zouk!

Reached at about 10pm and the queue outside was OMFG!

I tried to pretend pretend to go infront to slot myself into the queue but then i looked to my right and i saw Jamie and Lucas from Chorale! Coolness! Can cut queue!

So basically i got stamped within like half an hour of setting eyes on the queue!


After getting stamped, i exchanged numbers with them and went our seperate ways! This was actually the first time i was having an actual conversation with either of them! Well, what's clubbing if not to make friends right?

The crazycoolfun people that i was talking abt!

You should see what the girl in black was wearing! Her top was like split in the middle and held together with string! So basically you could see from her cleavage all the way down to her bellybutton! Superhot!

There're still a ton of photos that i have yet to receive, but i look terrible in most of them because i was totally wasted and drunk and i couldn't control my facial muscles!

Nonetheless, i shall update with more clubbing photos when i get them!

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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.