Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i wan me some xtina!

I got this email one day and i've decided to enter it.

I've already typed some lameass thing out and sent it over already. Don't really expect to win anything, but no harm just entering for fun! If anyone enters it and win, pick me to be your date hor!

I shall put up what i sent in after tomorrow, when the competition closes. I don't want anyone ripping off my idea man!

Haha! I love joining such random competitions!


"This platinum blonde bombshell needs no Intro. Christina Makes Me Wanna Pray for mercy when she sings. Back In The Day of old school power singers, there Ain’t No Other Man, or woman, that can belt out a song like she can.

I don't Understand how anyone would want her to Slow Down Baby because she's such a beautiful bright spark. Oh Mother must be making a big F.U.S.S. because she must be thinking that they're "On Our Way to a better life and it wouldn’t have been possible Without You."

She's Still Dirrty, but she's Here To Stay. She's so sweet to say "Thank You" to her fans for standing by her during her tough times. Enter The Circus, Welcome the paparazzi, we're not afraid!

I'm so glad that she found her Candyman in Jordan Bratman and I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a Nasty Naughty Boy and make her think, "I Got Trouble!" She deserves to be loved and not Hurt.

Lord have Mercy On Me for I'll do anything to be able to catch her in concert live! Save Me From Myself for I am The Right Man to win her concert tickets!"

And that's what i sent in! It's all the song titles of her newest album, strung into a commentary.

Stop laughing ok! I know it's lame, but it's kinda sweet don't cha think?

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Posted by juni @ 03:03

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hey I think it's great,man!

really witty, seriously! The last paragraph was a bit corny but a cute kinda corny.. haha

All the best ya.

Posted by Blogger kit katharine @ 8:57 PM #
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