Monday, February 26, 2007

louhei pt3

This entry exists partially because i don't want viewers to judge me based on the maths entry, so with this entry, it's one step closer to disappearing from the main page altogether!

In my defence, i haven't been touching maths for 4 years. But it's not a good defence.

Anyways, had dinner at the grassroots club restaurant yesterday, because it was also the 7th day of CNY, which is 人日(ren2 re4), which represents everyone's birthday on the lunar calender.

I had yu sheng the 2nd time with my relatives, but it was my 3rd time having it.

And this is how my family does it. It's an utter mess, and that's the way we like it.

I had to use my wet tissues even before i ate anything because someone kept flinging the yu sheng on my hands, making it damn oily and sweet.

At the same time, we celebrated my youngest brother's birthday.

It was 人日 and when they brought out the cake, the restaurant had the birthday song playing on it's PA system and the everyone in the restaurant clapped and sang along.

My goodness i wouldn't wanna be in my brother's seat. I would have melted in embarrassment.

I haven't bought him anything yet since his actual birthdate's on 2nd March. Or was it the 3rd. Any suggestions?

I like this photo. But the more i look at it, the more it seems like some spectacle shop advert with the slogan, "Spectacles for all ages!"

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

primary 5 maths

I don't wanna sound dumb, but i'm stumped...

Goodness how to be secondary school relief teacher?


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

of cheap clothes, louhei and madness all around!

Don't worry guys, I'm still here!

Met up with sc and wk for my first freaking movie of the year, which went to Norbit. The show was kinda bleah for me, but at least some parts made me laugh.

We had dinner and i dragged them on my little shopping adventure at John Little.

Yes, you read that right.

What's more, i actually bought something.

Two shirts actually, that came up to $47 bucks. Goodness, what's gotten over me? Me-who-buys-$59-FCUK-T-shirts-and-$70-Topman-short-sleeved-shirts has just bought damn cheap stuff.

And the feeling's damn good la!

What's more, i had a $10 Robinson's voucher which made the price even sweeter at $37.

Really, when i was even looking at the clothes, i felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed at even considering such stuff. Even worse when i was actually trying them on. Everyone else trying were UNCLES!

It was then that i realised what a brand whore i've become. This is not good.

Grabbed a drink from Mos and just chilled out and caught up.

Not forgetting cam whoring with wk's k800i. Too bad it's so bulky, the camera's to die for.

Oh ya, there's word going around that wk looks like that Elvin Ng guy on TV. Eh wk, you were supposed to take off your specs to let me compare! We forgot! Next time ah...


On Wednesday (210207), i called up National Dental Center to ask about my wisdom tooth.

After telling them that i suspected there was a piece still intact, they told me to go down in the afternoon for a check-up, even though my appointment was scheduled for the next day.

I was going to meet alvin at Queensway to trade in my dunks at around 6 anyway, so i told them i'd be there at 3, in anticipation of the wait of a walk-in patient.

In the end, the doctor had me in there, checked it out, and informed me that it was just bone and it's normal, and had me out in about an hour! I had 2 hours to kill until i had to meet alvin!

I decided to go find my campmate's sister's perfume shop at Lucky Chinatown to see if i can snag myself the limited ed CK Electric that i wanted at a discount.

In the end, the one i wanted sold out and i got the old, but still popular, Davidoff Cool Water.

A cool $39 for a 125ml bottle. I quote zm, a campmate, "So cheap, just bathe in it la", when i asked him how to use.

Anyway, remember the pair of dunks that i wanted to sell?

Well, decided that selling it was gonna be virtually impossible, so i took it back to the shop, told the guy some story, and got other stuff in exchange.

It was a good thing that my dad told me that my two brothers wanted the Nike water bottles.

To quote the guy in the shop, "Wah very good hor, a pair of shoes can exchange for so many things."

Met Alvin finally, and we went to Ikea to have the Ikea friends meal of the day and walk around.

Apparently, we did more than walk around. We got high, laughed and fooled around taking photos of me pretending to be in an Ikea catalogue.

It was loads of fun and we didn't go home empty handed!

No i didn't buy a chair and lug it all the way back home. I bought the seat cushion! i love it, and apparently my mum loves it too. She asked me to get 5 more so that all the chairs can be fitted with it.

Of cos my dad objected. Each one costs $7.90. That's $39.50 (i used a calculator) of unnecessary spending according to him.

Alvin went home with a weighing scale and a red cushion for his aching back, that poor boy. So young got back problems already. Drink more milk!


Met up with the gang plus extensions on the 3rd day of CNY. But first, we went house-hopping to bai nian.

I missed kw's place cos i had to be in camp watching tv (don't ask), so i joined them at alvin's place, after which kw drove us over to chloe's, where we spent the time eating, playing mahjong with no cash involved, and talking cock.

Since someone decided it was a tradition for us to eat yu sheng together, we proceeded to the Soup Restaurant at Jurong Point for dinner.

Which was damn nice.

I swear they have the best chicken in the universe!


I'm back in business! And i love the pics!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

lazy susan

*I won back the money i lost playing blackjack and in-between, and topped it off with $34 bucks while playing daidee.

*My recent wisdom tooth op left a small piece of tooth still intact INSIDE the hole. The doctor is so freaking unpro. He talk talk talk and chatter chatter chatter with the nurse, say what dun let the patient, aka me, to feel bored. Then end up still got one piece inside. I rather take boredom anytime hor.

*I already had 2 times yu sheng. First with family and one yesterday with "the gang". Pictures up another day.

*Do you know what the circular rotating glass thing on every restaurant table to bring your food closer to you is called? Look at the title of this entry.

*I'm damn lazy suddenly. No mood to blog anymore. Should i just neglect this space until further notice?

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy cny

I had a glutton day eating first a reunion lunch with my maternal side and then a reunion dinner with my paternal side.

That plus all the new year goodies, and i'm sure to get fat! Actually i think i already got fatter!

What's more, i lost $8.10 in blackjack. So not my day.


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Friday, February 16, 2007

regrets, i have a few

And this is one of them.

The Nike Oncore 6.0, US 10.5; UK 9.5.

I just bought this on impulse a few hours ago, and now i wanna sell it.

Price is $132 non-negotiable.

I even have the receipt, in case you don't trust me.

Anyone interested please contact me if you've got my number. If not, just leave a comment on how i can contact you, and i'll do it asap!

Don't worry, it's in perfect condition. I just changed my mind about it after i paid for it. Which is quite unfortunate for me.


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

crime on valentines

I pity the poor boyfriends who had to buy a last minute Valentines Day gift.

I was at Candy Empire at Vivocity and every damn thing was a dollar more expensive then usual.

I know because there were slips of paper stuck on every rack with the price on it. What's weird is that the prices were on even smaller slips of paper stuck on the bigger ones.

With scotch-tape.

I peeled off a $11.90 and found $10.90 underneath. A $9.90 hid a $8.90 under it.

You get the drift.

It doesn't pay to be in love.


Anyway, my mouth's now quite alright after my 2nd op.

And i have more extracted teeth to show you!

Looks quite scary right? Like some warning on a cigarette pack.

Nope, those are not strawberries. They're actually the gauze that i've been biting on to stop the blood flow.

Freaked out already?

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am fucking in pain

Why is the post-surgery feeling so different this time round?

While i didn't feel much pain, just a slight discomfort the other time, this time, the left side of my mouth is fucking BURNING!

Hell, i could even talk immediately after the surgery, but this time, everything seems like a torture.

Even sitting here typing this now feels like the world's coming to an end, and it's slowly starting from my inner left cheek.

Speaking of inner left cheek, i realised the doctor stitched up a wound smack in the center of the inner cheek. Which means it's the meat, not the gums. Now why the hell is there a wound there?

Fuck, even my tongue hurts. It felt like it's been cut open and stitched back up again.

During the surgery, i actually had the appalling thought that the doctor was going to stitch up my tongue accidentally to my cheek. To counter this, i stuck my tongue as far away from the left side of my mouth as i could.

Damn gross.

Oh man, i need another jab of the numbing juice instead of the painkiller-cum-anti-swelling medicine that i have. Maybe i should open the capsule and rub the powder directly on the infected area.

Would that help?

Ok, i'm not that stupid. More on today's surgery when i can stand it.


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

the prof of gender behaviour study speaks

VinoVino says:
The term butch often is used to describe certain lesbians, though the term is also used for gay men. Butch can entail closely cropped hairstyles, overtly masculine clothes, and attitudes involving deliberate machismo, and chivalry.*

VinoVino says:
so butch doesnt mean LES

VinoVino says:
butch just means look and act like a guy

VinoVino says:
but usually when a girl is a butch, she's usually les

VinoVino says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:
so in mathematical terms

||| Soo Chin ||| says:
les implies butch

||| Soo Chin ||| says:
but butch doesnt implies les

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

VinoVino writes:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

VinoVino says:
butches might not be les

||| Soo Chin ||| says:

VinoVino says:
but BIG part of butches shd be

VinoVino says:

||| Soo Chin ||| says:
so theres a part not les

VinoVino says:

VinoVino says:
maybe just like to dress liddat

||| Soo Chin ||| says:
your diagram very accurate

VinoVino says:
but of cos.

*from wikipedia

I told you i'm random today...


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my brother's going on a journey

omigoodness this is freaking cute i just had to share it!

I'm just so full of randomness today.

i have no idea why it's not showing, but click here for the direct link.


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sweet submission

I was sitting in the office last night with my campmate's phone charging beside me when it started ringing.

He wasn't around and i was busy, so i didn't call him to it.

A quick look at the phone made me smile.

The caller ID read, "Queen Andrea".


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Thursday, February 08, 2007

hossan and homosexuals

What a provocative title eh, and no, the two are not connected.

Anyway, it's late and i'm bushed.

Blog again!


Went to watch another play with the gang on Wednesday.

This time, it was Multiple Personalities Disorder!, a one man show by Hossan Leong.

The ratio of the number of plays versus the number of movies i watched this year is now 2:0.

Back to the play, it wasn't as fabulous as Chestnuts, but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless. I know it's been said to death, but it's true that the funniest bits were the ones when he was himself, bitching about this and that.

The parts where he played someone else at best induced a chuckle out of me. Others were plain unfunny. But then again, he's a multi-talented actor/singer/comedian, and people will flock to see his show.

We sure did.

I aspire to have my own show someday, where i just talk rubbish like i always do and people will laugh, even though it might be a little bit rude. But then again i'm not multi-talented, so people might not flock.


I read on the newspapers, also on Wednesday that there's been a new breakthrough in the study of why homosexuals exist.

The article debunks the belief that being gay is by choice and claims that homosexuality is biological. Scientists study rams and found that significant portions of the group were either asexual, bisexual or homosexual.

This could mean that while Jack and Ennis were going at it brokebackedly in their tents, outside, the rams were having a romp too.

In case you don't know, rams are male sheep.

The article's quite interesting, highlighting not only the scientific breakthroughs, but also those in the social point of view. They question whether society would easier accept gays if they come to accept that it's not a perverse sexual preference, but just an additional sexual orientation.

Eh. So chim.


I've been hard at work sending my resumes to whatever japalang schools i could find that's remotely situated around my area.

I hope i didn't sound too desperate. But my sentbox looks damn desperate.

If i don't get replies soon, i'm gonna send another batch of those emails out to schools further away from me.

But i realise that even if i get a relief teaching stint, i'll be jobless during the June holidays!

Anyone have any good lobangs?

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

male bonding

A campmate from another shift said this to me just now on msn.


Soki says:
actually we can be good friends one leh

VinoVino says:

Soki says:
if we know each other somewhere else

VinoVino says:

Soki says:
fuck la i dun sound gay right

Soki says:
i mean

Soki says:
gd friends

Soki says:
not gay friends

Soki says:
cb i think i sounded gay

Soki says:

VinoVino says:


It's one part touching and one part cringe-worthy, but all parts awww...

Updates on my wisdom tooth.

It's more or less fine now, just that the thread seems to be coming loose and i keep fiddling it with my tongue. I feel like just yanking out the thread, but i scared it'll turn out to be like happy tree friends.

But my thread removal is scheduled on the 12th (and my second surgery is on the 13th!). That's about a week more. I think the thread will just disintegrate by then since i keep chewing on it as i'm eating.

The hole is still there. I'm worried that it won't close. Then i'll forever have a storage space for my food. Machiam hamster.

Then the food will start rotting and it'll spread and i'll rot from the inside out.

What a gory thought.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

another one turns 21

For more details, contact the man himself.

I'm just the designer.

Nice? Maybe i should start charging.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

i ate ice cream for dinner today

Today was the first of two wisdom teeth extractions that i'm having this month.

Being the first time, i didn't know what to expect, so i found everything amusing and was abit apprehensive about the surgery.

The nurse made me wear a head covering, shoe coverings and a wrap over my regular clothes. I must have looked like a buffoon.

I was led into this room with nothing but an operating chair in the middle and was told to lie down. The dentist soon came to pump me up with the numbing juice. The feeling of the needle going through the flesh of my mouth and my gums is way up there in the ranks of top most horrible feelings. And it tastes so bitter!

Anyway, after sticking the needle in me four or five times, the dentist left me alone and went back to the ajacent room, which was only seperated by a panel, to work on another patient. As i was sitting there, collecting bitter saliva in my mouth because i refused to swallow, i could hear all sorts of drilling and sucking noises. Quite traumatising i tell you.

It's like those old shows where the patients waiting outside a dentist's office can hear screams of agony coming from inside. That's me sitting there turning white.

Soon, the nurses started prepping me for the surgery. One nurse drapped a green cloth over my body and told me to stop fidgeting because the cloth would slip off. Then, she told me that my eyes would be covered because of the bright lights that would shine down so as to illuminate the back of the mouth.

She then proceeded to blind me by folding two layers of cloth over my eyes. I couldn't see shit! Someone could have came and molested me and i wouldn't be able to pick the person out from a police line-up.

Anyway, the dentist soon returned and began work immediately. I knew because i could hear the motor of the drill whirling beside my face.

The nurse kept reassuring me that everything would be just fine and i would just feel a little pressure. Try ALOT of pressure. The dentist drilled and tugged, tugged and drilled. He even got me to tilt my head away from the direction of the drill so he could have more leverage.

The whole time i was so afraid that he would hit a nerve or something. I like my sense of touch in my tongue back, thank you very much.

After awhile, i felt the dentist pulling a thread up and down my mouth. At first i thought he was flossing for me! How silly. He was obviously stiching me up.

That was only for the bottom tooth.

The top tooth, however, was much easier to extract because it was growing straight. He just clamped down on it and pulled till it came out. Quick and brutal.

The rightmost tooth was the one on the top, while the one on the bottom was drilled to bits. It's freaking disgusting.

After that, i was all set to go.

I left the room bleeding, having two gaping holes in my mouth, and thread sewn into the inner walls of my cheek.

I went home and couldn't bring myself to eat the porridge that my grandmother cooked, not because i didn't have an appetite, but because i was afraid the grains of rice would get stuck in the holes and not come out.

Imagine if the hole closed by itself with the rice in it. The rice could fossilize!

Dinner was porridge again, but this time, i mashed it with soup so that i could just swallow the whole lot. I was still hungry after that and soon found some chocolate ice cream in the fridge. It was heavenly. I think i'll be having ice cream for my meals from now on.

Not forgetting all the medicine that i have to take. I feel like an elderly.

Not gonna brush teeth today. Wish me a speedy receovery y'all!

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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.