Saturday, June 02, 2007

ok already!

I know you guys are super sick of seeing the weird looking woman everytime you come to this site, but i've really been not at home much the past few days!

Apparently, even thou i'm not working anymore, i've more on my plate than ever before! I went clubbing twice in 5 days la! Can you imagine from zero times in the past half a year? I nearly died of alcohol poisoning!

Just got aquainted with a bunch of really crazycoolfun people last Saturday and it's all thanks to TYLER for intro-ing them to me! Come to think of it, i've been getting to know new people every other day for the past 7 days! Supercool!

Anyway, it's late and i dun wanna keep rambling so i shall just start!

Went to the blogger's gathering on 28/05/07.

I decided to go because i wanted to see the real people behind the blogs that made it for the various rounds of the competition. I wanted to see if they were any different in person than in pictures, htmls and text.

Ok i'm just kidding. I was there just for the free food.

And of cos, to collect my DS Lite, for being the top judges' choice!

Haha! Which one's the truth, you decide!

Anyway, everyone there seemed quite juvenile, but maybe that's because they were all so animated and talkative, and i was waaaaay over on the last table with the people. Got to talk with Ben, Joyce, her twin, Thegreatsze, the people like Rachel and Cassandra, and the ex person, Alvin.

Although i din win the Macbook, i'm really greatful for all the support i've gotten from all my friends, and strangers who actually bothered to vote! Thanks for at least making me 2nd place!

I superduper love the DS Lite anyway!

I went down to Sim Lim and Funan the next day with Daren, the tech-diva, to get the necessary accessories for it!

I spent like slightly over $100, you do the math.

Oh oh i really really really love the pouch that i got! It was such an unexpected and yet perfect fit! I got it at this lifestyle shop at the basement of Raffle's City at a discount! I totally didn't expect the DS to be able to fit in there so beautifully, but it did! And it was totally what i was looking for, something unconventional and aesthetically pleasing!

Oh dear ok that last paragraph made me sound like a bimbotic auntie.

Anyway, the DS came with an original game.

Which i'm trying to sell away, but no one seems interested in! Anyone wants?

Other stuff i've done over the week was to attend the TPJChoir (as written in the programme) concert on 30/05/07.

Sorry for the bad quality, but if you look closely, it's the combined choir from TPJC and AJC. It's not zebra crossing hor, even thou the TPJC guys in black were flanked by the white AJC guys.

Ya, abit weird also dunno why AJC was guest choir.

After the concert i went down to Zouk!

Reached at about 10pm and the queue outside was OMFG!

I tried to pretend pretend to go infront to slot myself into the queue but then i looked to my right and i saw Jamie and Lucas from Chorale! Coolness! Can cut queue!

So basically i got stamped within like half an hour of setting eyes on the queue!


After getting stamped, i exchanged numbers with them and went our seperate ways! This was actually the first time i was having an actual conversation with either of them! Well, what's clubbing if not to make friends right?

The crazycoolfun people that i was talking abt!

You should see what the girl in black was wearing! Her top was like split in the middle and held together with string! So basically you could see from her cleavage all the way down to her bellybutton! Superhot!

There're still a ton of photos that i have yet to receive, but i look terrible in most of them because i was totally wasted and drunk and i couldn't control my facial muscles!

Nonetheless, i shall update with more clubbing photos when i get them!

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Posted by juni @ 02:53

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Oh..sorry you didnt get 1st..but anyway you did great by being top judge's choice! =)
btw..why my 1GB micro SD cost $70 instead =(

Posted by Blogger KaOri @ 9:02 PM #

Maybe cos different brand? Haha! I bought from some shop in Sim Lim, my friend brought me there one. The price dropped la! When he got it it was like $30 odd.

Posted by Blogger juni @ 12:45 AM #

Hey - the R4 doesn't come with internal memory? I thought it was supposed to be an all-in-one solution, like the DS-X ...

Regarding the price difference: $19.90 is cheap, but not inconceivable. I got mine at $25, and that was about a month back. $70 sounds just about right for one that was bought 3-4 months ago.

Posted by Blogger thegreatsze @ 9:37 AM #
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