Wednesday, June 06, 2007

tomorrowed yesterday

My baby ghost entry was submitted to by Alvin and it got published!

I was quite shocked when one day my counter had 300 plus hits and the next it was 600 plus. Now it's close to 1k!

Quite shiok la... I should write more of such inane stuff so that it can get posted up!


I've added a new banner to my sidebar! It's the one below the banner. It's the advertisement for Victoria Chorale's concert on 26th August!

We're celebrating our 20 year anniversary and we're singing songs in many languages and from many cultures! It'll be quite good, so come!

Click on the banner and it brings you to the Sistic website, where you can book your tickets!

Coincidentally, i'm gonna be performing as well, so if you don't wanna come to hear good choral music, come just to see me also can!


A good friend bought the Shrek ears from Mac for me after hearing me go on and on about wanting to get it for charity and all.

Yes, you should come to the concert just to see me!

Such a hansem ogre.


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Posted by juni @ 10:35

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Why no comments? I shall be the first. ;)
Argh the baby pic! Don't let me see it again! :p

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 10:33 PM #

i seldom receive comments one... usually people just tag on my tagboard...

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:53 PM #

i see... oooh i love the green ears, I took a pic with them on too. Wahaha...

By the way, I'm glad u're staying out of "some stuff". Heehee if u get wat I meant. ;)

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 1:27 AM #

"Some stuff"?

If you mean clubbing then ok... But otherwise i dunno... Haha!

I wanna dance dammit!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 1:45 AM #

Haha no lah not clubbing, nvm! hee! Yeah I like to dance too! :D

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 11:38 PM #

WHAT?!?! Dun nvm me!

Zouk on Friday?!?

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:59 PM #

nope! I'm gg MOS! Lalaalala~...

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 12:16 AM #


Staying out of WHAT STUFF?!?!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 12:32 AM #

Curiousity kills the cat! Wahaha!
No lah, some blog war thingy. Wat were u thinking? Heeheehee...

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 12:39 AM #

Oh... No time for the whole blog war thing la... CLUBBING!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 12:59 AM #

So on ah? Go find ur wallet first lah! :p

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 1:01 AM #

HAHA! I cant find one la... it'll find me...

Eh, can u just add me on msn?

Posted by Blogger juni @ 1:07 AM #

added! :)

Posted by Anonymous starry @ 1:16 AM #
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