Thursday, May 24, 2007

ghost or hoax?

Remember the BMT gathering photo that sparked a big hoohah on my tagboard? The one with the baby very high up in the background?

Apparently, my other BMT friend had the photographer take the same shot with another camera.

Wanna do a comparison?

Baby ghost or not? You decide.

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Posted by juni @ 11:30

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no one else behind you guys?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:08 AM #

Daren's pic shows some pple sitting at the back of the group (left side).

Most prob it's just some guy at the back playing with a baby.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:44 AM #

First off, i'm not in the picture.

Secondly, i think it's probably someone carrying the baby up la. But some people insists that it's very freaky cos it's too high up.

Posted by Blogger juni @ 1:29 PM #

but then you could see that the baby's legs are dangling in the air! if someone was carrying the baby up...they would have to carry him under the armpits or by the waist!
anyway, that person at the back with his back facing the camera is also quite freaky. one moment he's not there and one moment he is. :S

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:35 AM #

did you edited this image?

is looks like TOTALLY fake

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:32 PM #
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