Saturday, February 24, 2007

of cheap clothes, louhei and madness all around!

Don't worry guys, I'm still here!

Met up with sc and wk for my first freaking movie of the year, which went to Norbit. The show was kinda bleah for me, but at least some parts made me laugh.

We had dinner and i dragged them on my little shopping adventure at John Little.

Yes, you read that right.

What's more, i actually bought something.

Two shirts actually, that came up to $47 bucks. Goodness, what's gotten over me? Me-who-buys-$59-FCUK-T-shirts-and-$70-Topman-short-sleeved-shirts has just bought damn cheap stuff.

And the feeling's damn good la!

What's more, i had a $10 Robinson's voucher which made the price even sweeter at $37.

Really, when i was even looking at the clothes, i felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed at even considering such stuff. Even worse when i was actually trying them on. Everyone else trying were UNCLES!

It was then that i realised what a brand whore i've become. This is not good.

Grabbed a drink from Mos and just chilled out and caught up.

Not forgetting cam whoring with wk's k800i. Too bad it's so bulky, the camera's to die for.

Oh ya, there's word going around that wk looks like that Elvin Ng guy on TV. Eh wk, you were supposed to take off your specs to let me compare! We forgot! Next time ah...


On Wednesday (210207), i called up National Dental Center to ask about my wisdom tooth.

After telling them that i suspected there was a piece still intact, they told me to go down in the afternoon for a check-up, even though my appointment was scheduled for the next day.

I was going to meet alvin at Queensway to trade in my dunks at around 6 anyway, so i told them i'd be there at 3, in anticipation of the wait of a walk-in patient.

In the end, the doctor had me in there, checked it out, and informed me that it was just bone and it's normal, and had me out in about an hour! I had 2 hours to kill until i had to meet alvin!

I decided to go find my campmate's sister's perfume shop at Lucky Chinatown to see if i can snag myself the limited ed CK Electric that i wanted at a discount.

In the end, the one i wanted sold out and i got the old, but still popular, Davidoff Cool Water.

A cool $39 for a 125ml bottle. I quote zm, a campmate, "So cheap, just bathe in it la", when i asked him how to use.

Anyway, remember the pair of dunks that i wanted to sell?

Well, decided that selling it was gonna be virtually impossible, so i took it back to the shop, told the guy some story, and got other stuff in exchange.

It was a good thing that my dad told me that my two brothers wanted the Nike water bottles.

To quote the guy in the shop, "Wah very good hor, a pair of shoes can exchange for so many things."

Met Alvin finally, and we went to Ikea to have the Ikea friends meal of the day and walk around.

Apparently, we did more than walk around. We got high, laughed and fooled around taking photos of me pretending to be in an Ikea catalogue.

It was loads of fun and we didn't go home empty handed!

No i didn't buy a chair and lug it all the way back home. I bought the seat cushion! i love it, and apparently my mum loves it too. She asked me to get 5 more so that all the chairs can be fitted with it.

Of cos my dad objected. Each one costs $7.90. That's $39.50 (i used a calculator) of unnecessary spending according to him.

Alvin went home with a weighing scale and a red cushion for his aching back, that poor boy. So young got back problems already. Drink more milk!


Met up with the gang plus extensions on the 3rd day of CNY. But first, we went house-hopping to bai nian.

I missed kw's place cos i had to be in camp watching tv (don't ask), so i joined them at alvin's place, after which kw drove us over to chloe's, where we spent the time eating, playing mahjong with no cash involved, and talking cock.

Since someone decided it was a tradition for us to eat yu sheng together, we proceeded to the Soup Restaurant at Jurong Point for dinner.

Which was damn nice.

I swear they have the best chicken in the universe!


I'm back in business! And i love the pics!

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glad to hear u have a good week..

i went to watch Norbit today..kind of like..ughh...dumb..trash

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