Sunday, February 25, 2007

primary 5 maths

I don't wanna sound dumb, but i'm stumped...

Goodness how to be secondary school relief teacher?


Posted by juni @ 14:26

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so easy ... chicken feet!

Posted by Anonymous passerby @ 7:50 PM #

lol piece of cake.

Get all the perimeters of the unshaded region, then area formula for triangles and add together.

Take both area caculate as squares and minus those area of the triangles, and viola..a.... ur shaded region lol..actually i forgot the formula for triangles.

Posted by Blogger Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 @ 11:47 PM #

Area of Squares=100+64=164 sq cm

Non-Shaded areas= 0.5*18*10+0.5*(10-8)*10+0.5*8*8=90+10+32=132

Area of shaded area=164-132=32 sq cm

TADAH~ ^_^ (Pssst, do i get paid for teaching?)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:39 AM #

Ooookkkk.. i know i'm dumb. stop it already!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 1:03 AM #

just to make you feel even more dumb!!! coming from an arts student!

Explain to the students the formula for finding area of triangle, half X base X height.

so with that information you can find all the unshaded area.

area of GAE = 1/2 X 18 X 10 = 90
area of ABC = 1/2 X 2 X 10 = 10
area of CDE = 1/2 X 8 X 8 = 32

total unshaded area = 90 + 10 + 32 = 132
total shaded area = (10 X 10) + (8 X 8) - 132 = 164 - 132 = 32


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:28 PM #
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