Friday, February 02, 2007

i ate ice cream for dinner today

Today was the first of two wisdom teeth extractions that i'm having this month.

Being the first time, i didn't know what to expect, so i found everything amusing and was abit apprehensive about the surgery.

The nurse made me wear a head covering, shoe coverings and a wrap over my regular clothes. I must have looked like a buffoon.

I was led into this room with nothing but an operating chair in the middle and was told to lie down. The dentist soon came to pump me up with the numbing juice. The feeling of the needle going through the flesh of my mouth and my gums is way up there in the ranks of top most horrible feelings. And it tastes so bitter!

Anyway, after sticking the needle in me four or five times, the dentist left me alone and went back to the ajacent room, which was only seperated by a panel, to work on another patient. As i was sitting there, collecting bitter saliva in my mouth because i refused to swallow, i could hear all sorts of drilling and sucking noises. Quite traumatising i tell you.

It's like those old shows where the patients waiting outside a dentist's office can hear screams of agony coming from inside. That's me sitting there turning white.

Soon, the nurses started prepping me for the surgery. One nurse drapped a green cloth over my body and told me to stop fidgeting because the cloth would slip off. Then, she told me that my eyes would be covered because of the bright lights that would shine down so as to illuminate the back of the mouth.

She then proceeded to blind me by folding two layers of cloth over my eyes. I couldn't see shit! Someone could have came and molested me and i wouldn't be able to pick the person out from a police line-up.

Anyway, the dentist soon returned and began work immediately. I knew because i could hear the motor of the drill whirling beside my face.

The nurse kept reassuring me that everything would be just fine and i would just feel a little pressure. Try ALOT of pressure. The dentist drilled and tugged, tugged and drilled. He even got me to tilt my head away from the direction of the drill so he could have more leverage.

The whole time i was so afraid that he would hit a nerve or something. I like my sense of touch in my tongue back, thank you very much.

After awhile, i felt the dentist pulling a thread up and down my mouth. At first i thought he was flossing for me! How silly. He was obviously stiching me up.

That was only for the bottom tooth.

The top tooth, however, was much easier to extract because it was growing straight. He just clamped down on it and pulled till it came out. Quick and brutal.

The rightmost tooth was the one on the top, while the one on the bottom was drilled to bits. It's freaking disgusting.

After that, i was all set to go.

I left the room bleeding, having two gaping holes in my mouth, and thread sewn into the inner walls of my cheek.

I went home and couldn't bring myself to eat the porridge that my grandmother cooked, not because i didn't have an appetite, but because i was afraid the grains of rice would get stuck in the holes and not come out.

Imagine if the hole closed by itself with the rice in it. The rice could fossilize!

Dinner was porridge again, but this time, i mashed it with soup so that i could just swallow the whole lot. I was still hungry after that and soon found some chocolate ice cream in the fridge. It was heavenly. I think i'll be having ice cream for my meals from now on.

Not forgetting all the medicine that i have to take. I feel like an elderly.

Not gonna brush teeth today. Wish me a speedy receovery y'all!

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I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


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