Thursday, December 13, 2007

of boxes of k, real life enchanted princesses and just 21 in years

The supposedly OG outing yielded not so good an attendance, but we had fun anyway!

Dragged myself out of bed to meet huimin and bacca for some klunch. We were all as late as each other so it was all good. I even alighted at the wrong stop!

Oh, i filmed an incriminating video of us singing, dancing and being generally retarded to Rihanna's Umbrella ella ella eh eh eh. I was contemplating on uploading it on youtube but i really was the most retarded of them all, so maybe another time then!

Then it was off to get our selves enchanted! Harrison, evon and justin joined us and we trooped into the cinema. Huimin kept kping saying "我是不看这重戏的 lor"...

...i was sitting beside her and she laughed damn loud everytime there was something to laugh about.

Anyway, no pictures for this segment so i shall put up some clips of the movie. The clips are of them singing. If you've not caught the show, please do! Ignore the next 3 boxes then.

This show is so much more worth watching than a certain golden direction pointer thing.

The lead actress, Amy Adams, is apparently quite old. Actually, i could make out eyebags under the foundation. I bet they positively caked it on her.

After the movie, harri and huimin left and the remaining 4 of us nuahed around (i bought socks!), had dinner at Sakura (Far East one, not the one at Safra) and went over to Paragon to find ubin-cycling-gang, clara, tor yuan and ambrose for dessert.

Let the mini celebration for justin start!

Went to Bakerzin and bacca and evon secretly ordered a slice of cheesecake with a candle while justin and i were in the queue. We had to wait really long for a seven seater but in the end we took a 4 seater and added seats.

Played around with macro and landscape mode with my more-than-willing models.

The service was really quite terrible. They didn't lay the cutleries when the slice came, only providing one fork among the 7 of us. Not like we didn't order anything else.

That and other things made me quite unhappy and i put on my indignant face and went to the counter, asking icily, "Excuse me, can we have some cutlertries please?"

I walked back and realisation hit me. I said CUTLERTRIES. What the heck is cutlertries?!?! I'm like asking for toiletries!

Well, they came anyway, but i had to distribute them myself cos the waiter just plonked a pile of serviettes and forks in front of me. Freak shit la. Live and let live.

After clara bit the strawberry into half, she told justin that he had to do a forfeit because it was his birthday. She then proceeded to mix all the melted ice creams into a glass and plonked the half-strawberry into it. I have no idea how she can bite till it looks so gross. Got tendrils somemore.

After dessert we went out of Paragon and literally sat at the steps.

But we whored. Camwhored.

Ah, it was a fun night.

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I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


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