Monday, May 14, 2007

NC16 - the swimming instructor

I wouldn't have caught this play last Thursday if not for the free tickets that i got from a friend's friend's friend (don't ask, too confusing), who was in the production crew.

Apparently, some sponsors who were supposed to turn up cancelled last minute and they had many free tickets to give away. I think most of the people were there FOC.

Cheapskates. Like me.

Thank God for friends who think of me in times of er... freebies?

Anyway, i've captured the play's essence in the following drawing. I was working on it the entire morning, in the midsts of answering calls, using PAINT!


Too used to the ease of Photoshop.

Basically, it's a story about a go-getting advertising executive (Dave) and a vivacious rich girl (Jen), meeting in a pool one day and falling for the same guy, a down-to-earth swimming instructor (Guan).

Sidetracking abit, everytime someone said "Guan", i would feel like shouting out "GUANTANAMERA!"

Back to the topic, before anyone thinks, "Eeeyer, gay play, yucks gross ew", it's actually so much more than that! The play was an emotional rollercoaster (all three of the actors had emo scenes. Jen had 2, of which she actually cried in one! PRO!) and themes like loss, death, love, disintegration of the family unit, and of cos lust were present.

When the play first began, i felt that Isabella Chiam, who played Jen, had an easy role because all she had to do was some over-the-top bimbo/sex-crazed acting. However, as the play progressed, she blow me away with her subtler scenes and when she was talking about how screwed up her family was, she actually had tears in her eyes! I was like WHOA!

Lim Wee Hong, who played Guan, was seriously ah beng to the max. Throughout the play, i felt like slapping him cos his accent was so typically kopitiam!

Jeremy Lee, or Dave, had the much tougher role of being the emotionally scarred individual who tries not to fall for Guan, although he was still kinda stiff in his acting.

But for those who're not interested in the depth of the play, just go watch it for the FLESH la!

picture grabbed from this site.

Bods.bodynits was one of the sponsors and the 3 of them were wearing nothing but skimpy trunks, bikinis and boardshorts from the brand!

For the girls (and some guys), Guan and Dave had on more tanning oil than clothing! And Dave even exposed his butt in a shower scene! -RAWR-

For the guys (and some girls), Jen was a naughty little minx, thrusting her boobs and butt in the faces of the audience, all while flipping her hair and looking nonchalant about it! And it didn't hurt one bit that she looked like Felicia Chin with a dash of ang mohness in her features. HAWT!

The play's running till 18th, so if you have the time, go catch it!

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I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


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