Monday, March 19, 2007

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Met with ZC, gabs and yushan. It felt like a weird combi because i was crashing in on their "family" outing.

We walked around alot looking for a present for yushan, ate alot of carbo and spent alot of money.

The crux of the outing was whether to go watch a movie or to go sing Kbox. Finally, it was decided by the decisive zc that we should watch a horror movie.

And since it's his actual birthday today, we had no choice but to accept our fate.

What can i say about the show?

Oh how about, yushan fell asleep, and so did zc himself?

The show, directed by the Pang brothers, was a typical Asian horror flick with Hollywoodism injected into it.

It's actually quite hard for me to remember the details now. That's how unmemorable the show was. Apparently it's about how children can see things that adults cannot.

The only part that vaguely made an impression on me was when the mother realised that the little boy was staring at some empty corner, and she asked him what was there.

The little boy merely pointed at the empty corner.

Then the mother realised that the little boy could see things that she couldn't and tried to ask him where they were.

The little boy continued to point at the same spot.

The mother then asked, "What do they look like?"

The little boy brought his hands up to his eyes...

And made a face.

That was damn freaky. Other than that, the show was rather predictable and lame.

I was joking that i didn't understand why the movie was titled "The Messengers".

Liddat nearly every horror movie can be called that. Nearly all ghosts come back to haunt the place because they have some sort of message they need to tell some unsuspecting girl who will then either find the remains of the ghost/find out how they really died/find the person who killed them.

So cliche.

I mean, if the show was about maybe msn or something then the title would be self explanatory.

Girl staring at the computer screen: "OMG, why's HE appearing online? He's supposed to be DEAD!"

Whoa, that's scary.

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i watched it

U totally re-make the movie! The boy has one eye push up and one eye push down, not both down!!

U spoil it!!

Posted by Blogger Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 @ 12:32 PM #
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