Sunday, January 14, 2007


Over the weekend, a few friends celebrated their 21st birthday.

Soo Chin had hers at this RC in Ang Moh Kio on Friday.

At first, i thought it was such a weird place to have a birthday party, but it turned out to be a pretty successful one, with karaoke singing, lucky draws and of cos, tears from the birthday girl and close friends.

I also found out that two of my other friends had birthdays on the 13th.

Hui Shan and Jean, both of you tong nian tong yue tong re sheng! Let's go kbox together soon! The free karaoke at sc's party really making me crave for it again!

So far, i've not gotten to know anyone who share the same birthday as me.

Anyway, i've joined Victoria Chorale! Hurrah! I miss choral singing, and all those kboxing hasn't been helping much. I actually couldn't go up during the warm ups.

I went for the first practice at Siglap South CC on Saturday and boy was it weird to step into a totally new choir. Luckily for me i had jw and alvin for company, but they're in bass and i was in tenor!

Speaking of which, the choir is grossly unproportioned. There's two times more guys than girls! And the guys are usually louder, especially the tenors.

But who cares cos i got to sing Janger!

After choir, jw ran off and alvin had to go off too, so i was left alone. Luckily i found friends to have dinner and chill with.

Met up with Wee Keong and Kenny for dinner at the very budget Pastamania before heading to TCC for drinks and a chat.

Look what Kenny did with my phone.

I've found someone more narcissistic and more of a camwhore than me!

How rare is that?

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Posted by juni @ 17:32

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Lol..he's singing?

Posted by Blogger Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 @ 9:22 PM #

Singing??? LOL...

No la, he's just making faces!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:52 PM #
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