Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brian Loube's Gallery of 3D Photography

I was jumping around photography sites when i stumbled onto this site.

It's quite cool cuz unlike conventional galleries, this one's in 3D.

As it's said in the site,

"This site can be viewed with any standard red/blue 3D glasses.
(red lens - left eye blue lens - right eye)"

Unfortch, i don't own a pair of those, not even the cheap flimsy paper kind, so i can't view the images popping out of the screen, but it's cool nonetheless.

Here are some images from the site.

There are more images on the site, but you get the idea.

Another cool site (the main one where i link other cool sites from actually) is Photojojo, where i get all my cool photo ideas from.

Remember the panography photo of the view outside my window? Or the idea to take photos with an empty photo frame?

All from that site, plus much much more! Who knows, you might find something that works for you there!

I'm so doing free advertising again.


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