Thursday, May 17, 2007

sov 2007

This was the first year that i took part in SOV not as a member of the audience but as part of the performance.

Although not the main item, being part of the guest item was a nice feeling. It's been awhile, 3 years in fact, since my last time singing on stage with a choir.

I had friends smsing me during interval saying that they didn't know that i would be performing. At this i replied that i didn't know they were coming.

Although i wasn't from VJ, i could feel the emotions coming through when we were singing No Man is an Island. Although i was afraid that i would be terribly out of place, i was surprisingly holding my own beside the older more experienced members of Chorale.

And i actually had a crash course in the song during dinner before the performance.

Let the pictures, courtesy of YC and his DSLR, do the talking.

I love the last photo of us acting dao, although Calvin and i look like siamese twins. And i look super sleepy in my side profile picture, must have just blinked.

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Posted by juni @ 00:07

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haha, the last pic is gorgeous. i think vc put up quite a good performance that night! ((:


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:56 AM #


Haha! I think we were kinda flat in one of the songs, cant remember which.

But then again, i shouldn't air dirty linen in public! Haha!

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:00 AM #
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