Tuesday, April 17, 2007

framed criminals

I've got all the pics but i've yet to sort them out.

There's a crisis now. Half the pictures were from my cam and the other half were from KW's cam. The thing is, KW's cam had the date imprinted on the photos!

The mugshots are kinda ruined by the date imprint. And i can't remove it with photoshop because the date's over vital parts like the hands or shirts! Hard to clone it away.


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Posted by juni @ 23:54

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Maybe you can give them prosthetic hands..?

I wouldn't mind a prosthetic face. ;-)

Posted by Blogger kit katharine @ 10:38 PM #
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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.