Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yea, i'm only a supporting cast coming out for 5 out of the 30 scenes in the production.

Anyone wanna back out now?

FYI, people playing minor roles work hard too. Countless rehearsals and time poured into the process.

And when i actually ask you guys to come watch, it shows that i actually still treat you as a close friend. I actually bothered to scroll through the phonebook to send invites.

Of course you must pay, but don't you have to pay for most plays?

Disappoints me to hear the rejection. And not even the polite "i have lots of work" kind, but the in-your-face "you're not important hence i shan't bother" kind.

Thanks alot.

Now i know where i stand.


Posted by juni @ 02:21

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Hey junistar,

i totally understand how you are feeling. I was in productions last year as well. I was not in the main casting as well. but probably somewhere near, since I was portraying as the alter ego of the lead.

It saddens me when I actually bother to scroll down my phone booth (like what you did), sending out invites to my friends in uni whom I felt im close to.

AT the VERY LEAST, you got rejection replies. As for me, some of them didn't even bother to reply. Taking my message for granted!

Im saddened by this kind of behaviour, truly. We worked hard, staying up late every night, to the extent of coming back during mid term break and in the midst of cny just to practise and rehearse, so that we can put up a good show. Of course, you will wish that your friends can come and support right?

but well nvm, other than them, im sure there are other groups of friends whom will come down and support... im glad that thats the case for me as well

JIAYOU! just one more night to go!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:00 PM #

Hey anon,

thanks for your kind words of consolation! Productions is over and it was great! Yay! All my friends who came loved it, i guess those tt didn;t really missed out on something spectacular! Haha!

Which productions were u in?

Posted by Blogger juni @ 2:34 PM #
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