Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what is our national treasure?

Unless you don't speak English, i'm sure you know of the box office hit, National Treasure! But do you know that National Treasure 2 is coming soon!?

It's called National Treasure, Book of Secrets.. Wooo... Like Book of Shadows, but more secretive!

Check out the trailer HERE.

Anyway, i was wondering if we actually have a National treasure of our own and the first thing that came to mind was the Merlion.

You know, after taking Changing Landscapes of Singapore and learning about National symbols and stuff, i kinda have a second take on the Merlion.

At first, all i thought was that it looked funny. Got mermaid, merman then now merlion!

But apparently, the merlion was coined by this person that took part in the STB's competition to create a logo/mascot for Singapore. The man won because the merlion incorporates myth and reality. The lion head symbolised the myth of Sang Nila Utama and how he claimed to have seen the majestic beast when he came to our island, and the fish tail stood for the origins of Singapore as a fishing village.

Bet some of you didn't know that!

Ok i know this is a cliche National treasure, but what else is more significant than that?

Maybe Xiaxue, blogger queen extraordinaire, can be our National treasure instead. She did pave the way of blogging, sorta.

Maybe our enterprising STB can erect a monolithic statue of her squirting water out of her mouth one day.


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