Tuesday, November 06, 2007

why you shouldn't let your baby sleep with you

Man oh man that's wrong.


I went for a run today. For the first time in maybe 4 - 5 months.

A proper run, by myself.

Quite shiok i must say. Have to do this more often. And i love my running route. It's so scenic and tranquil. And there's rolling hills all around ala teletubbies land.

Can fly kite there as well. I've not flown a kite since i was too young. Anyone wanna do something old school like kite flying one day?


Anyway, have you heard? Hollywood script writers have gone on strike! They're going against big studios over their share of the profits from DVD sales and online broadcasts.

You would think this doesn't affect you, since it's only the America talk shows that are largely suffering now, but think again!

Who out there loves Heroes to bits? I know i do!

Do you know that if this strike goes on, season 2 of heroes would have to be cut short? Apparently, this newest season has 3 storylines unfolding, one after the other. The first storyline, "Generations" would be ending in Dec, but if the strikes holds out, the studios would have to be forced to turn it into a season finale instead!

Ok fine this would only be affecting the people who download/stream the show. But regular TV watchers would be affected in due time!

This is appalling! I hope the studios and the writers settle it amicably pronto man. It sucks for season 2 to end so fast.


Oh oh! I nearly forgot, while i was rushing to meet my driving instructor (last lesson i was late for 20 mins and ended up going at 80km/h to reach the driving centre in time for my circuit training), i got stopped at Commonwealth train station for a random bagcheck.

This time, i wasn't even carry a large bag like before.

You guys have to click here to see my previous experience.

I guess i really look like a terrorist huh...

p.s. i know you guys missed my old way of blogging, i miss it too! but i've got no time and no brain juice to do such stuff anymore! =(((

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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.