Sunday, October 21, 2007

dumbledore loves pink

I should have known.

No straight man would have a phoenix as a pet cos it's uncool. They'd rather have a dragon or something.

Yup, i'm talking about Albus Percival Wulfric Dumbledore.

Haven't you heard? He's gay!

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Coolness. Christian activist groups are gonna have a field day blasting JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series. They've already kaobei-ed that it promotes witchcraft.

What's wrong with letting your children run around with sticks shouting "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" or "EXPECTO PATRONUS"? Better than letting them watch wrestling and trying moves like atomicus wedgius i would say.

p.s. i know the title's very stereotypic
p.p.s. note to self, READ DEATHLY HALLOWS!

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Posted by juni @ 23:25

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You know what my issue with it is? Or rather, my dilemma..

It's that Harry Potter is marketed as a novel for Children, isn't it?

Aren't kids supposed to remain in their cotton candy world till they slowly find out about homosexuality and let their world slowly fragment?

They're not supposed to know about homosexuality at such an intimate level, yet !

P.s. I've nothing against homosexuality, just the innocence of kids being destroyed.

Posted by Blogger kit katharine @ 12:51 AM #

Btw, You Must Read The Book!

Every single of my lit professors treat Rowling with disdain, but seriously, don't knock it till you've read it.

I think the ending was marvellous! There was one part (shan't spoil it for you), where I cried in public (City Link Mall, to be exact) because it was SO heart-wrenching and marvellously poignant. Super touching!

It's a book that tackles issues of humanity the way a serious lit novel will tackle issues of racism and untouchability, etc.

Ok, I shan't go on and on. I'm obviously quite passionate about literature. HAHA!

Take care! (And do contact me if you wanna discuss it further after reading it! You have my number.)

Posted by Blogger kit katharine @ 12:56 AM #

Haha Kit!

Hmmm, in response to ur dilemma, i would say that yes, the series was intended for children. However, i guess with each book, Rowling thought that the original children that the book was targeted to would have grown and matured enough to handle more matured themes like love, evil and stuff.

I mean, the first two books were pretty tame, then came the dark Azkaban, Harry started liking Cho, pent up sexual tension between Hermione and Ron. You get my drift?

Anyhow, Dumbledore was not openly portrayed as a gay character in the books. I would think that Rowling revealed his sexuality after the series ran it's course on purpose, so as not to "spoil it" for the uppity types.

Anyway, i don't see any intimate knowledge of homosexuality there. Not like Rowling went on to describe how Dumbledore's hidden desires were fulfilled right?

Posted by Blogger juni @ 1:26 AM #
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