Monday, August 20, 2007

kernel panic

It seems like my life's a series of unfortunate events lately.

Now my apple's rotten.

And i mean it literally. Something called a kernel panic keeps happening, causing the Mac OS to quit unexpectedly, thus prompting me to restart the comp forcefully by pressing and holding on to the power button.

I must have done that at least 15 times. Quite fucked up. I need to do a reinstallation now since there's NO CURE!

Anyway, when i bought the Macbook, it came with a 1GB orange iPod Shuffle.

It's still brand new and i'm gonna put it up for sale, going at a great price of $110.

It's negotiable but i wouldn't go below the $100 mark.

AND, for those of you who haven't caught the local production 881, you should cos it's good!


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Posted by juni @ 00:17

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