Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pre-school jitters

School's starting next month and already i'm feeling all apprehensive about it.

What with 2 years of stagnation, almost zero brain usage and being in a non social situation, going into uni seems quite a daunting task.

It doesn't help that before going in, i have to already meet deadlines and fill in forms, in terms of tuition grants, EZ-Link card applications, etc.

It's all too much to handle! I'm used to sitting back and waiting to be told what to do! Now that i have to go read up and find out myself, i find myself sorely behind.

I'm getting stressed out for no apparent reason basically.

Anyway, i've quit my job cos basically the opportunity costs aren't in my favour.

And i've sold out as well. As you guys can see, i've joined the Nuffnang community, which basically is like an advertising agency who uses blogs as their advertising mediums. They match their clients to bloggers who garner readership that are of the intended demographic, so that their ads will be shown on those blogs.

Well, you'll see adverts coming soon on this site cos this blog's been matched to one of their clients. Can't say much but it's quite cool. Hope i earn some, especially since i'm jobless now.

This is so random.

Edit: Why did i use "basically" so much.

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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.