Monday, March 26, 2007

i'm working...

...yet here i am!

And i'm on web msn too!

I think i'll really like this job.

When it gets busy, it gets really busy. The phone would literally ring off the hook. After getting off the phone with someone, i just have to press the receiver down and another call comes through. And i'm using one of those telephone operator things, so i feel like a secretary. Haha!

But when it's slack, it's really dull. I nearly fell asleep before i dared to even go to yahoo to search for web msn. You see, my cubicle's positioned in a way that my collegue can look at what i'm doing on the com by just turning her head. But after awhile i decided that falling asleep's more of a taboo than typing furiously at the com on my first day of work.

I went to lunch with one of my collegues (there's only 3 people including me in my department) and i asked her what my jobscope was.

She said it was just to answer calls that come in.

I then asked her what should i do if there's no calls (at this point, you might be thinking, "aiyoh that gundu, can slack dun wanna slack", but i'm just the sort of person who feels weird if i'm being paid to do nothing. i have to do something!) and she just gave me a cheeky grin.

Haha! That was all the answer i needed to continue using msn and to even blog!

But the com's abit the old. I look around and all the others are using sleek black coms with LCD screens and i look at my terminal and it's the cream/dirty white coloured one with the fat monitor. They're tempists! They biased against temps!

I'm just kidding. At least got internet connection!

I think those things that i haven't blogged about are gonna be ancient history soon. So ancient that i think dun need to blog already la.

I hope the company doesn't track down my blog and sue me or something. I don't think i revealed anything scandalous right?


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