Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new ear pull your ear!

Whew, just got back home after a long night rider journey, and a very short taxi one.

The best new year sms of the night comes from Ridza.

"Happy new year! Pull your ear. Let's make it clear. A new year is a new test. Don't be a pest! Remember to do your best. But also must rest. With warmest regards."

It's retarded and doesn't make much sense but it rhymes so i like it. Haha!

And the new year pic of the moment goes out to the one of me and mabs.

BFFs we shall be!

I had a great time out with Alvin and Mabs.

(mabs: let's go chill at Timbre more often!)

More pics when i feel like editing them.

Happy 2007 ya'll!!! =)))

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see? u can be happy =)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:18 PM #

Whoever you are, stop irritating me. Use ur name.

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:49 PM #
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