Thursday, November 16, 2006

a series of disjointed events

The Christmas lights are up in Orchard and boy are they sure pwetty. The last time i enjoyed walking down Orchard Road just looking at the lights was......


I really am seeing things in a different light, pun unintended, thanks to you.

I'm going on a cruise with my family on the 19th and i haven't packed. I have no time, what with the present making and the window shopping.

What's worse is that i have no idea where we're going, and my father doesn't wanna tell me/doesn't know himself. I only know one of the stops is gonna be at Phuket.

The fact that i have no idea where we're going makes it impossible for me to change currency so that i can be financially independant. With family, i doubt i'll get a chance to walk around and buy stuff anyway, but IF i see something gettable, i don't wanna have to be at the mercy of my dad's purse strings wallet threads.

I just hope that there's gonna be many many exquisite seashells to collect. Give me clean sand, clear blue waters and a nice golden tan please!

Oh oh, like Jean, i luuuurrve popping bubble wrap! It's just the combination of the squeezing and the satisfaction of hearing a resounding "POK" that really gets me off!

And with this site, you don't have to wait for when you move house or when you buy something fragile to enjoy the sound of the "POK"!

They really got the sound down pat.

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i stumbled here by sheer chance and i just had to comment on tt bubblewrap thing. it's crazily fun to play w, haha. but too bad it can't recreate the texture..


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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.