Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a new begining.

And it starts with a new anklet made long ago by someone recent.

I have hair on my whole leg ok, not only that sparse vegetated area that you see.

Spent a 100 bucks on clothes today. -faints-

From Revoltage, it made up half the 100 and i love it! Have no idea how to match tops with it but heck la, buy first then say. The other half of the 100 was a top for someone else, but i think i'll end up wearing it too, cos it looks so hot!

Anyone any suggestions on the types of tops to match? I love my oddball berms!

I bought another 10 bucks watch to match my last 15 bucks one.

At first glance i thought it was Diesel, but alas, it wasn't to be.

I bought a disease.

The mother of piracy decided to name this watch Diesis. Sister to Diesel and mother of death and disease.

I turned the watch around and to my horror, i saw this on the underside:

Omg, i nearly died lor. Like so proud to be fake liddat.

Everyone say hi to Dominic. Everyone's been telling us we look alike.

Do we?

Posted by juni @ 23:59

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it's just the specs, bestie!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:57 PM #

and the face. both round round.

Posted by Blogger juni @ 11:20 AM #
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