Monday, July 31, 2006

CTAB Rendezvous

My unit had a dinner celebration for the ORDing personnel at Hotel Rendezvous and my shift had to attend. Usually we'd try to chao keng and siam this sorta thing but this time, most of us went and it was so much fun!

This was most of the RPs who came. Yes, i'm a door bitch, got a problem with that?

We still had some time to kill so i took my friend's cheapo looking shades to take photo.

These shades can store 128mb worth of songs! They made me look like some classless undercover FBI agent.

Then the technicians started coming.

They were all friggin' in boardshorts, T-shirts and sandals cos they came from Sentosa la. They looked like they actually stayed in the hotel. What happened to the smart casual dress code man.

The officers came too!

I'm jealous. I wanna hug the jolly fat man too!

I think i need to be accompanied with a warning label that reads: "Warning. Intoxication may occur when trigger happy."

I literally took more than a hundred photos! I kept asking everyone to take photo with me and everytime anyone asked why i was so high, i'd tell them i was gonna ORD and then break into laughter.

It really felt like it was my party cos i was the only one taking photos! I hope when my ORD dinner comes, i'd have as much fun as i had.


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I don't want you to think of me as an eavesdropper so I'll just say that I'm listening to music instead of my neighbour's maid flirting with my other neighbour's driver.


I like it when people think of me as an intellectual so I will list a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here, even those I don't plan to read.


Since I can't list my porn collection here, I'll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.